These first days of Spring are a great time to focus on home projects.

With the transition to warmer weather and longer days, you may be itching to prepare your home for the months ahead. Spring offers some opportunities to work on your home and update its appearance both inside and out. The following are some spring renovation project ideas that can boost your home’s value.

A kitchen remodel may sound like a costly and major renovation project for spring. However, Three Pillars Home has budget-friendly ideas to maximize your dollars.

If you don’t feel like getting new cabinets, we can paint them a warm and inviting color just in time for the new season. We can also change the hardware on the cabinets to something updated and fashionable.

Add a new appliance space or replace your sink with a ergonomic alternative that has more room and function. Change that window by the sink? Have Three Pillars Home share the many ways to refresh your kitchen space.

Update your deck or patio. Spring is the ideal time to update your outdoor space. With summer approaching, you’ll want to spend some time with friends and family in the warm weather. But before you do that, you need to have a relaxing place to gather.

So the spring is a great time to check the integrity of these structures. Check for rotting wood on your deck. Wet wood can also breed mildew or mold, so it’s best to give that attention before it spreads.

Patio stones may have come loose in the rapidly changing weather from winter to spring. But a lot of time, your outdoor spaces may need a power wash and a new coat of paint.

Windows are one part of your home that can be seen from both the inside and outside. That makes them doubly important when it comes to home maintenance. Spring is a great time to check out your windows’ integrity and replace any that need it.

Check for gaps between the window and window frame that may cause air leaks or poor insulation. A rotting frame or weather stripping may be a result of winter weather you need to address. Temperature changes may cause cracks that call for replacing.

Your windows may be the difference between an energy efficient home or high energy bills. It would be worth it to do a check on all the windows in your home to make sure they’re efficient and to see if they need any cosmetic upgrades. The Three Pillars Home team can do this during a scheduled visit.

Plan your spring home improvement projects now. There’s a reason that “spring cleaning” is such a popular term. But, you should do more to your house than clean it in the spring. That’s why spring home maintenance should be a priority.

If you put in the work during the spring, your home will look fresh and be in the best shape for you to enjoy it in the summer. It only takes a few spring home improvement projects to make a difference in the quality and beauty of your home.

Excited about the possibilities of your refreshed home? Get in touch with Three Pillars Home.